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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To become iOS Beta testers , Registered your UDID and get start testing

did you already thought to become iOS beta Tester if yes you have right place for that  .
welcome to  UDID Now Activation , a window  opened for you get it quickly .
this service allowed  you to register your iDevices UDID and integrate apple beta testers program. which were only for some iOS Developer firstly , currently everyone have possibility to do that .

once your UDID is registered near to apple with all procedure complete . but calm down guys , yes a service for everyone but it's not free , this is reserved for serious folks  , for that you should spend some $$$ to get your UDID registration .  you will be notify once a new iOS is available with installation steps if you desired to installed a BETA iOS .
another way for apple to earn money , only apple is winner in this Game , bugs report allowed them to improve iOS and correct  issues before official Release , and behind that testers should  pay before become testers no funny that  ? even very very funny ...                                              
                                                        what is UDID exactly ?

UDID is the short form for Unique Device Identifier. It is a 40-character long hex value (20 bytes). The UDID is being used by developers to register devices for testing their Apps. Only on registered devices developers can run Apps that are not in Apple's AppStore yet. Also, beta firmware can be installed only on registered devices. Developers currently have 100 UDIDs they can register. The UDID can actually be changed if your device's MAC address (WiFi or Bluetooth) changes, which isn't likely but still possible.
Instead of calculating the value, it can be read from iTunes, when the device is connected, by clicking on the text Serial Number.

 I think you are informed on UDID now so get start to test beta and report bugs to apple .

this is the page where you can reigister .
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