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Monday, March 5, 2012

Free iPhone 3GS/4/4S imei Checker without cable

not rest we are for a life more smart . 
as recently I inform you about iPhone imei analyzer , released by Cyclone Team ; itools  . 
these tool allow you to know all informations on your iDevices . 
All informations mean Provider , Warranty start and end Date, Serial number etc ..
why these informations are became important  ? 
for iPhone 4 we need it when we want to factory Unlock proced.
iPhone 3GS that's more important since iOS 4.1 released Date by apple .
Since iOS 4.1 released iPhone 3G/3GS Unlocking require patching iPad baseband 6.15.00.

but Baseband patching iPad baseband too became dangerous for some iPhone 3GS ;
Apple’s 2011 iPhone 3GS 8GB batch carries a new Toshiba baseband chip which don’t support iPad baseband patching. So what are the consequences if you update your phone which was manufactured after 28th week of 2011– you’d loose your WiFi, IMEI, ECID, Blutooth numbers. All these fields would be blank and not solution exist yet , stay away .

you may avoid you this mistake , for that you just need to know your details ( week and year ) .
Cyclone and iTools at this time are too obselete , a Website bring you that with just your phone imei number, and it's free  and fast .instead Cyclone & iTools wich need your phone physicaly .
go site here put imei or Here start your investigation have fun !!

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