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Friday, October 19, 2012

Google Play Seller Support in India :)

Welcome Indian
Hazard , coincidence or just a victory of Indian developers concerning google play  policy ?
few days ago a petition has been posted by Idian apps developers , in what they claimed at google to modify their policy regard people whose allowed to published paid apps on their store . many persons ( firstly me ) were suprised to hear that Indian developers weren't allowed to sell their apps on google play . suprised those who are conscient ofcourse about their talents in developement field . this new have got two effects , 1st we were surprised , 2th it was a motivation for us to voting petition . and now this the result , Google has modified Policy . is it cause of petition or just coincidence ? no matter  , essencial is Indian Devs reached their goal . the new has been  released today morning on Android Developers blog . according to the blog  the nighmare is end and Idian devs are welcomed to google play . now start making some $$ .

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Petition for allowing Indian developers to publish paid apps

 this is a pretty thing to support by everyone , everywhere you living .
as in my case I'm not indian but I just think it's not normal that they are not accepted .
what can you ? you can't help them by another better way than vote this Petition .
India is one of the largest android market in the world yet it has been overlooked number of times by Google.  Currently 32 countries are in the list from where developers can sell paid apps and to everyone's surprise India is yet to make through.
It is because of this that developers turn towards other platform and android market misses on new and innovative apps that would have been published by such developers. Even free/trial version of such app doesn't gets developed coz many developers consider not to materialize the idea coz of lack of incentive for their hard work..
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